Nordic Skiing

1. Dates

Race Date Location/Time
Prelim #1 Wednesday Dec. 19 Windy Lake/2:30 Start (Note: No skate skis available for renting)
Prelim #2 Thursday Jan. 10 Laurentian/2:30 Start
Prelim #3 Tuesday Jan. 15 (Back up Date Wed. Jan. 23) Walden/2:30 Start
City Championships

Wednesday Feb. 6 (Back up Date Thurs. Feb. 7)

Laurentian/12:30 Start, Relay Start 2:30

NOSSA Tuesday Feb. 12 North Bay
OFSAA Thursday Feb. 28 – Friday Mar. 1 Duntroon

Ryan and I would love to have your entries prior to Prelim #1.  We ask that you please use the following link to add your entries (under the ‘Entries 2018-2019’ tab) before December 14, 2018:

Additionally, you will see 4 other tabs at the bottom of this editable document.  In order to better facilitate the organization and recruitment of volunteers for various tasks at each event this year, we’ll ask that you please sign-up for a volunteer duty.  If we’re able to get the volunteer jobs secured before race day, we’ll be able to have a better idea of how many other students/parents we’ll have to recruit.  Thank you in advance for helping to make each event run as smoothly as possible.

2. Prelim #2 info –

2019 SDSSAA Nordic skiing Preliminary #2

Jan 10 Laurentian Nordic

Teams must arrive by bus or taxi as there is no onsite parking available. Anyone arriving by personal vehicle will have to pay to park in Lot G if there are any spots available.

2:30: mass start for Senior boys, senior girls, and junior boys, 5km or 6 km (depending on conditions)

2:35: mass start for Junior girls 4km and para nordic 2km

Course: – mass start in field behind north bleachers,

  • 5km (gully loop, shed loop, wall loop, extension loop)
  • If the extension loop is not in suitable condition the SB,SG and JB will race 6km (4km + 2km)
  • 4km (gully loop, shed loop, wall loop)
  • 2km para and possible 2nd lap for SB, SG and JB (gully loop, shed loop)
  • 4km and 5km laps come down the sling shot hill to go around the stadium loop
  • 2km lap comes off of the shed loop and then goes around the stadium loop
  • All races finish by going around the stadium loop (by the start) and finishing by the stadium building.

Start: – There will be ten (10) start lanes. Lane 1 will be inside (left side) and lane 10 will be outside (right side). Athletes from schools not at prelim 1 can line up behind other athletes. There may even be 12 lanes so athletes from schools without a dedicated lane can start on the extreme outside.

2:30 start SB, SG, JB (5 or 6km)

Left side                           DIRECTION                                                                                           right side

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8 Lane 9 Lane10
LEP Senior boys, Senior girls, and

LEP Junior Boys


LCS boys LCS girls and Mary- mount CND and Sacre coeur SSS, LSS and St. Bens ESMC, Horizon and Champ
Marymount Schools not at prelim 1

2:35 start JG and para (4 and 2km)

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8 Lane 9 Lane10


LCS and


Mary- mount Sacre coeur LSS and St. Bens ESMC,
Schools not at prelim 1

Each school participating must provide a teacher coach volunteer. Kerry Abols will assign on course volunteers (Loellen). Perry Sakki will assign finish line volunteers (timing, bib recording).

3. If training at Laurentian Nordic:  Skiers will need a membership.  Memberships at Laurentian Nordic are $50 (through  This $50 is a full membership and allows kids to ski any time they want (if there are students in financial need who cannot afford this fee, the club will waive the fee but the students can only ski when their teacher-coach is present twice a week (decided on an individual case by case basis by either Perry Sakki or Kerry Abols).  Essentially, the teacher/school accepts all responsibility for the student.

*When trails are ready, and we are allowed to use rentals, you will be notified that you can begin practices at L.U.

4. After school practices at Laurentian Nordic: Lo-Ellen Park (Mondays and Wednesdays), Lockerby Composite and SSS (any days they want), all others Tuesdays and Thursdays and/or Fridays.

5. Equipment at Laurentian Nordic and Otherwise: Students should have their own equipment.  First year skiers/participants who have a membership can have limited access to the Laurentian Nordic rental fleet on their schools designated practice days when their teacher coach is present.  Teacher-coach is responsible for communicating with Perry Sakki or Kerry Abols about their first year skiers equipment needs.  Laurentian Nordic equipment is for use on the Laurentian trails only.  The teacher-coach is responsible for signing-out and returning borrowed equipment (not students).  Again, returning skiers in financial need can access the rental equipment on team practice days and teacher-coaches should communicate this need with Kerry Abols or Perry Sakki.  Students borrowing rental equipment are encouraged to have their own ski boots.  Students with memberships can rent equipment on weekends and pay the normal rental rate.  Laurentian Nordic will likely not have daily paid staff in the stadium chalet on weekdays this season, so although Konrad may be around (former daily paid staff), it will not be his responsibility to look after borrowed rental equipment or handle day fee/membership fees.  Issues pertaining to high school skiers at Laurentian Nordic should be directed to Kerry Abols or Perry Sakki.

If you have any questions, please let either Ryan or myself know.

Happy skiing!


Colin Ward –
Ryan Lafraniere –